Best Sex Scandal for 2011. The Brock Family Circus

Phoenix New Times gives the award.

What do you get when you cross politics, religion, and sex? One of the most bizarre sex scandals in the history of both sex and scandals, that’s what. The sex scandal that has plagued the devout Mormon family of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock is a yarn that needs no embellishment [if you live in Phoenix].

Over several months, it was revealed that Brock’s now-estranged wife, Susan, had a sexual relationship with a teen boy starting when he was 14. Turns out, her adult daughter, Rachel, was having sex with the same boy. Court documents indicate that both Supervisor Brock and leaders in the Mormon Church knew of the relationship but never called police — and that’s the recipe for a fantastic sex scandal.

The wife got thirteen years in prison. The daughter has pled guilty and faces at least ten years of probation. The marriage is gone. Two families have cratered. I’ve followed this story for a while and it is truly and seriously weird. And ahem, Catholics better not be pointing fingers at LDS about any possible coverup, that’s for sure. But such cover-ups are really about power protecting itself and have little to do with religion.

Susan Brock "deer in the headlights" booking photo