Judge poleaxes Bank Of America’s slimy $8.5 billion settlement deal

US District Judge William Pauley ruled that “Bank of America Corp.’s proposed $8.5 billion settlement with Countrywide Financial Corp. mortgage-bond investors must be considered in federal court instead of the New York state court where it was first filed.” Not content with making a factual statement, the Judge proceeded to skewer the bank which, on top of evertyhing, recently decided to stuff its depositors with a bill as large as $53 trillion should things turn sour, added “The settlement agreement at issue here implicates core federal interests in the integrity of nationally chartered banks and the vitality of the national securities markets.” Integrity? From a bank which secretly, though with the Fed’s blessing, has tried to put its client interests over those of depositors of over $1 trillion, and over the objections of the FDIC? Don’t make us laugh.

Naturally the Obama Adminstration and the Fed was a-ok with BofA’s slimebag attempt to slither out of its mortgage putback obligations. But a federal judge stopped it dead.