Bunnydrums. On the Surface

Bunnydrums were Goths before most knew there was a word for them, trudging through places like the Mudd Club and Danceteria, the CD’s documentation says. There were no tattoos, jackboots, or ugly hair— just guys who looked like they hung out in bookstores. Guitars were fuzzy and phasey, the tunes cold, attacking love-like-anthrax screeds or dense grinding workouts where the band sounded like it was prepping the stage for a singer who never appeared.

I saw them a couple of times at the Anti-Club in L.A. back in the day and thought they were one of the best live bands I’d ever seen. (The Minutemen / Firehose and the Party Boys would also be on that list. Are there any L.A. veteranos out there who also remember the Party Boys?)