Driverless tractors and trucks are coming. Goodbye jobs

Google has been experimenting with driverless cars. It seems plausible that truck drivers may soon be losing jobs to robot vehicles. The same trend is happening in agriculture too with autonomous farm equipment. ReadWriteWeb isn’t sure if this is a good thing. Neither am I. But it is inevitable.

The Google car is extraordinary. It’s driven itself 140,000 miles in all manner of conditions with no accidents and probably is safer than having a human drive it. Farm combines operating in huge fields without a human operating it may be equally safe.

But what about the 000.1 % of the time when you do need human intervention? Then there’s all those lost jobs too. A triple UPS truck with no driver may well appear on I-15 here in Utah one day soon and another segment of skilled labor will begin to become obsolete.


  1. I would say that in a capitalist society this would be a bad development, less need for labour, more unemployment, cheaper production but usually that translates into higher bonuses for shareholders and CEO. However in a different structured society it would lead to goods becoming in some cases, cheap enough to be free and freeing people to indulge in more creative activities rather than all those dull jobs we are obliged to do for a subsistence wage.

  2. I’m not laughing, if there is a profit in it it will be considered. Computer diagnosis, internet government form filling, and so on. The system keeps eliminating the need for people to produce and control things, their only purpose is to consume, other than that they are a bloody nuisance.

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