Kinde Durkee and the missing Democratic campaign money

Why did so many Democrats in California, including Dianne Feinstein, continue using Kinde Durkee as their campaign treasurer when she’d been so heavily fined by the California Fair Political Practices Committee?

Over the last decade Durkee had racked up $185,860 in fines from the Fair Political Practices Commission in eight different cases, a sum that FPPC Chairwoman Ann Ravel said points to “quite serious” issues.

There are only a few other campaign treasurers in California who, like Durkee, deal with a large number of clients. None have such an extensive history of violations, Ravel said.

Durke has been arrested on federal fraud charges and many Democratic politicians say large sums are missing from their accounts.

Breaking. California regulators order Durkee’s accounting firm to stop providing services after discovering it is not licensed and has no accountants on staff.

I’m sorry, a super high profile campaign treasurer, and no one had a clue about any of this until now?

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