Space junk littering orbit; might need cleaning up

Space junk has made such a mess of Earth’s orbit that experts say we may need to finally think about cleaning it up.

I’m sure the military will look at this as a fine way to test laser cannons in space, even as they say they might use giant nets, magnets, and tethers.


  1. Might need cleaning up? I’ve been on this for years. Last I looked there were some eight thousand (8,000) trackable items in near-earth orbit, and an uncounted number of nuts and bolts such as that that took out the last shuttle to go down. It’s so bad that NASA has a Cray dedicated to tracking near-earth orbits.

    The reason we’re crapping out of the space program isn’t Moon Goblins ala Apollo 18 but that there’s just to much junk to fly through to abate the insurance companies.

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