Alive in Libya has on-the-ground coverage

Alive in Libya, established in March 2011, is the only source of free and independent news created by Libyan journalists. The project is produced by Small World News’ Libya bureau, currently based in Benghazi.

Utilizing a team of a full-time staff and volunteers located around the world, Alive in Libya produces video and articles focused on the daily life of Libyans. Each piece is conceived and shot in Libya, translated by a team of volunteers, and then produced and edited by Small World News staff in the United States.

Here’s one of their videos.

Benghazi reacts to the capture of Saif al-Islam


  1. Don’t you think that if they are based in Benghazi that they might be a little bit biased when it comes to the conflict?

    • They’re based in the US and do this all over the planet, go to war zones and report. This site is part of Small World News. They attempt to be relentlessly impartial.

      “Small World News focuses on developing the capacity of citizens to engage with the international community in crisis areas and conflict zones.

      Our most recent project, Alive in Libya, showcased the potential of citizen media when combined with affordable digital technologies and professional training. As an organization our primary focus has been to guide local citizens through the entire process, from learning to produce professional media to distributing via social media and leveraging relevant technologies to broaden the impact.”

  2. Sounds like excellent stuff, I’ll need to look at what they are upto,thanks.

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