People who are happy don’t riot

Craig Murray on the UK riots

What is happening is that the burgeoning criminal underclass is realising that it is now large enough to defy society if it can concentrate its forces quickly in specific localities.

Quite possibly, but without even slightly justifying the riots, people with stable jobs, enough money to get by, and a future ahead of them generally don’t set buildings on fire and torch cars. Besides, lots of the rioters no doubt weren’t in criminal groups. Like the L.A. riots, which was triggered by the deranged not guilty verdict against the officers who beat Rodney King, people just erupted into rage in Tottenham when police shot someone.

Saul Alinsky did his doctorate dissertation in criminology on the Capone mob. He was granted inner access to them, had no illusions about what they did, and concluded that criminal organizations like theirs have their birth in poverty and discrimination. “Get rich or die trying” indeed. This is made worse by our elites and supposed leaders mostly having no discernible morality or ethics themselves.

Murray sees the results of the UK riots but doesn’t appear to care much about causes. The insane violence of the past few days in the UK should be a wake-up call. The Droogies are getting pissed.

I’ve no doubt the US will see riots like these sooner or later too. I lived through the LA riots and watched blocks  I’d driven down a hundred times burning. It was scary. It’s coming back.

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