“Days, not weeks”, eh? Libya quaqmire worsens

Earlier this week Britain, in an obvious sign of desperation, said they might accept Gaddafi remaining in Libya if he stepped down. A few days ago, the rebel’s military chief was assassinated by Islamist militia members.

A Gaddafi spokesperson says this shows the rebels aren’t capable of governing nor is NATO capable of protecting them.

Obama’s “day, not weeks” comment will haunt him in the 2012 presidential campaign, as well it should. He careened into this with no real plan and against the advice of the Pentagon. We now are embroiled in yet another pointless war that we are losing. The only possible gain is continued profits and job security for the military industrial complex, as our insane adventurism bankrupts the country.

Ozzy got them quite right back in the 70’s. War Pigs.

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