New look and feel for Polizeros

I just switched themes from PrimePress to Atahualpa. Primepress was great and I recommend it highly. However Atahualpa is hugely configurable and you can do so simply by changing settings in the Dashboard. There are over 200 settings! This means you can configure the site about any way you want without changing php code directly because it’s all database driven.

What’s even nicer is that it’ll export all the config settings to a text file so you can import them elsewhere. So, I did all the configuration on my WAMP server which lives on my laptop only, exported the settings, copied the WAMP Atahualpa folder to polizeros, activated the theme, and imported the text file. Bang, it was done and everything worked right the first time. Impressive.

Let me know what you think or if there are any glitches. I’ll be playing with font sizes and colors and twiddling with settings in the next several days.

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