Debt ceiling. The Polizeros Prediction

"OK, let's make the fight look real. Even if we both know Wall Street will disembowel us if we don't reach an agreement."

There will be continued huffing and puffing with much penis-wagging, as the various combatants in Congress and the White House do battle. And then perhaps, just as happened the budget debate when all seemingly looks hopeless, there will be a “surprise” last-second agreement and the mock combat will end. Or maybe the ‘Gang of Six’ will gallop in on their white horses a few days in advance of the deadline, as the populace cheers them on.

Everyone in Congress knows their Wall Street and corporate overlords will be very unhappy indeed if all those campaign “contributions” were for naught and the government defaulted causing a stock market crash.

This political theater is contemptible. None of the various parties are thinking much about what is best for the nation, it’s all about short-term political gain and playing to their constituencies.

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  1. I think Obama is going should follow (Bill) Clinton’s advice of yesterday – cite the Fourteenth Amendment and the Republics be damned. It is, afterall, by definition his job.

    Unless, of course, he follows through with the mechanisms the Cheney Administration put in place to dissolve Congress as obstructionist, declare Martial Law and “postpone” the 2012 election.

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