News of the World phone hacking news

From the Guardian live feed. This is a huge story in the UK.

Some politicians call for News Corp. purchase of BSkyB be blocked or at least delayed

Cameron announces inquiry using police not involved in the first inquiry yet doesn’t want BSkyB purchase delayed and evades on whether Rebekah Brooks should resign. His ooze trail is as slimy as any by supposed NoW ‘journalists’. That Brooks hasn’t already been fired speaks volumes about the lack of ethics, morality, or concern for the innocent at NoW.

Metropolitan Police says ‘small number’ of officers were paid by NoW. Last time I checked that was called ‘bribery,” but I could be wrong.

Police investigating whether relatives of 7/7 victims had their phone hacked.

Advertisers boycotting NoW in increasing numbers.

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  1. We all know I’d like to see the bankers tossed from (tenth floor) windows and the preachers and politicians hung from the nearest lamp post, but what to do with Murdoch Having given it some thought (and, a rare thing, having not read the book can only go with the Stanley Krubeck(?) version), I’m thinking we need to run A Clockwork Orange on these daughter-fuckers: stick ’em in a six by six room, handcuff their arms behind the chair, toothpick their eyes open and force them to watch/listen to their bullshit full bore 24/7 until they fucking die.

    Every damned one of them.

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