DSK and coincidence

Ian Welch

I notice that the prosecutors admitted the case against Strauss-Kahn was falling apart after his successor as IMF president was appointed and the Greek bailout passed. Immediately after, even though the prosecutors knew it was weak before then.

Word is he was opposed to the Greek bailout, by the way.

What a remarkable coincidence.

They may have just elected him President of France.

From the NY Post, who have been early and right about other aspects of this case.

DSK and maid had sex and DSK refused to pay.

The maid was turning tricks while the DA put her up in a hotel. So NYPD didn’t have a guard at her door and wasn’t even monitoring her. How curious.

What fooled me about the case was the NYPD made the arrest so fast, saying they has ironclad evidence. I didn’t think they’d be so stupid as to arrest someone as high-profile as DSK without being absolutely sure. Again, how curious.

There are way too many coincidences here for them all to be coincidences.

And I’m going to be very careful before rushing to judgement again.


  1. Guilty or not guilty of this particular crime doesn’t change his reputation as a “groper” and “skirt chaser” and the fact that the French socialists are thinking of taking him back onboard to lead the party and stand for president is an insult to the French people. Are they saying that there is nobody in France capable of leading the party, no socialist fit to be president of France except a guy of dubious character with a reputation of a lecherous old man? Wow, what an advert for socialism.

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