You’ve done a heck of a job, Timmy

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Lets be brutally frank shall we. From the day he first set foot in the Department of Treasury, this useless piece of garbage called Timothy Geithner has been good for one thing and one thing only: To protect and serve his Wall Street masters.

As the President of the NY Fed he saved the TBTF rat’s nest from the self inflicted disaster also known as Lehman and AIG (the latter at 100 cents on the dollar), then he took the sleaze shuttle down to Obamaworld to take personal charge of the mopping up operation.

What has he done for Wall Street and Main Street? I believe these two charts say it all.

Timmy was really in there fighting for Main Street, right?

Wait for it. Liberal bloggers will be gushing about how much better things will certainly be now that Obama won’t mistakenly be taking advice from that horrid Geithner fellow. They are of course forgetting that Obama appointed him, has done nothing to stop looting by the banks, and is now groveling before them for campaign contributions for 2012. Bought and Paid for indeed.

From the comments

Great skit but the country is a sewer and run by criminals. As we all lose our way of life, these MF laugh their way to the bank.

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