Adopt an animal. Shelters are overflowing

This gorgeous super-friendly Siberian Husky was at the Lancaster CA pound yesterday with at least two hundred other dogs. Animals not adopted within a week are put down. The kill rate is at least 90%.

There were baby kittens in the cat house that cowered when you stuck a finger in the cage. Clearly, they had never been touched by a human.

Some shelters are no-kill. Most are not. All have far too many animals now. The economy is a double hit on these critters. Less people are adopting and more are abandoning their pets.

Go to your nearest animal pound. Maybe you’ll find a buddy for life and you’ll both be the better for it.

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  1. Timely post. We adopted a rat terrier in January. Did not know what we were getting into. Then, later, I read a page about rat terriers at a rescue dog site that said their number 1 characteristic was to be an escape artist that ever can climb fences. I read that after my neighbor reported looking out the window and seeing our new little problem child climbing the chain link fence around their pool. Guess he wanted a swim.

    Finally settled down as long as he gets some 90 minutes of good exercise every day and has learned to make himself adorable.

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