How to thrive (economically) as things fall apart

John Robb:

It’s simple. What’s needed are (note the plural here), virtual global economic systems built on a sound footing (i.e. better and more sensible rules than we currently have), prosperous participants, and a hard currency. Systems that people can flee to when currencies become scarce (deflation) or worthless (inflation) or nation-state political systems fail (corruption/crime) or flail (repression).

My advice to you: when you see a system that looks like the one outlined above, start to diversify your economic activity into it as soon as is practicable.

One thought on “How to thrive (economically) as things fall apart

  1. A friend of mine has this bumper syicker on hos truck: “Ammo: the currency for the new millennium.” Which makes little economic sense, but does suggest that “hard currency” may be something other than currency.

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