Free Lindsay Lohan!

Clearly, California could not stand idly by and let a messed-up little druggie return a stolen necklace and pay compensation. Nosirree, not when she’s famous, cute, and mouthy. Examples Must Be Made. (You will note that when examples are to be made, they are almost always female.)

The maw of the prison-industrial system of California greedily accepts a high-profile offering. And we shall have no bleeding-heart talk of rehabilitation. The maw will not allow it! That would mean less prisoners for it to devour, and thus less profit and salary for those who created it.

Free Lindsay Lohan!


  1. Please… Cry me a river for a rich white bïtch.

    She’ll be out in 2 days, just like every other time she’s been in prison. If they do keep her in for more than that, I’ll be impressed.

    Let’s not idolize her, shall we? We’re talking about a repeat offender with a wrap sheet longer than most people serving life. The ONLY reason she was out in public and able to “borrow” this necklace (which most people would call STEALING, btw), was because she was ejected from a rehab clinic for assaulting a nurse there. Why she wasn’t sent directly to jail for not completing the court mandated rehab I’m still not sure. After all, the rehab was assigned in place of prison time for her last offense, which should have landed here back in jail as a violation of her parole from a previous event involving lots of drugs and DUI.

    The only thing she’s done is prove that if you’re rich and white that you can buy dozens of second chances, be it by going into rehab or just buying your way out of jail. Where she black or poor, she would have been locked up for decades on her first or second offense (having had enough drugs on her to be considered a dealer), and would have never had the chance to wrack up all the other charges against her.

    Personally, I think time away from society will do her some good. Up until now all she’s learned is that if you cry and wave money at people you can get away with just about anything. What else would explain her behavior besides a sense of entitlement and privilege? I hope she stays in jail this time, for a good long while. Maybe that way she’ll actually learn from her mistakes and realize that sometimes, even when you’re a rich white woman, there are consequences for your actions.

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