Fukushima Reactor 1 is melting down

Following up on earlier reports that the fuel rods in reactor 1 were truly exposed, NHK now reports another speculation from long ago, finally confirmed by official sources, namely that the reactor is now melting down.

Those official sources are of course the slithering weasels at Toyko Electric who have lied, evaded, endangered millions, all in a desperate attempt to evade responsibility for this disaster. But events have overtaken them so theey’re finally ‘fessing up. This is no doubt because the truth managed to get out despite their best efforts to suppress it.

Toyko Electric makes BP, Enron, and Goldman Sachs look ethical by contrast. Lives are at stake. People will die horrible deaths years from now because Toyko Electric deliberately lied about conditions at Fukushima. Their top executives should all be imprisoned.

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