Mitt Romney. “Hang” Obama with economic misery rope

The Humble Libertarian

Accusations of racism are probably unfair to Mitt, because let’s be honest, if he had actually even been thinking about Obama’s race, he wouldn’t have said what he did at all.

But here’s the most important– and true– accusation: Mitt Romney is obviously not ready for prime time. A libertarian friend of mine noted that Mitt Romney is trying so hard to posture as “the safe candidate” and this blunder proves he is anything but.

Romney has always seemed an empty suit to me, just another career politician with no core beliefs. But by his very emptiness and shallowness, he may just torpedoed his campaign.

I am so tired of sleazy politicians who believe in and care about nothing except their own ambition. And there are plenty of them in both parties.


  1. Politics used to be for people of passion and vision, now it is a lucrative career poisoned by wealth and ambition, so what do you expect. In today’s politics you need to be sponsored by the big boys, and they don’t sponsor saints.

  2. Oh really? Do some research bob instead of giving your simple minded opinion. And as for sleazy? Read Michelle Malkin’s book, Culture of corruption, and find out about sleazy politicians, obama and his staff. Romney has more integrity in his thumbnail than obama. And while you are at it, what about the lie from obama about hope and change, and exiting the war? Now that we are stimulus-deep in debt and in another war no less.

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