Polizeros podcast. Independent and Third Party politics, with Damon Eris

Our guest was Damon Eris of Poli-Tea, who shared his extensive knowledge of independent and third party politics. This was a fun, fast-moving, highly informative show with some great conversations.

Topics included:

The Myth of the Myth of the Independent. They aren’t just closet Democrats or Republicans but span the political spectrum with many not tilting one way or the other.

In some states there are more Independents than Republicans or Democrats. This indicates huge and growing disaffection among voters.

The two parties have seized control of our political system and deliberately make it difficult for third parties to gain ballot status. Further, neither parties wants increased voter turnout because that might upset their cozy little duopoly. They benefit from and encourage voter apathy.

Change is possible. The Vermont Progressive Party is now a major party in that state and their senator Bernie Sanders is an Independent who calls himself socialist.

The Labour Party in Britain began as a splinter off the Whigs, who passed as little reform as possible (sounds like the Democratic Party, doesn’t it?) Labour won just two seats in their first election, but had control just a few elections later.

Thanks to Ross Levin of the Green Party in Philadelphia for calling in and especially to Damon Eris for sharing his knowledge with us.

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Download the mp3.


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