Adventures with Qwest

After several months here in Cedar City with our Qwest DSL continually deteriorating to the point where sometimes I can’t watch YouTube at night or GMail chokes, I’m going with InfoWest, who has line of sight transmitters throughout the area with 6 MB bursts. This will be substantially faster than the actual speeds I’m getting with Qwest with my supposed 3 MB connection (which last night did a fine imitation of a dial-up modem.) Infowest is a small, highly regarded local Internet provider in southern Utah who beams the net into many otherwise inaccessible places, like remote valleys, small hamlets, as well as towns.

Qwest, bless their hearts, keeps telling me that, by golly, they know there’s a problem and it’ll get fixed real soon now. Yesterday they said the problem was congestion in a data center. Yes, I said, I’d already figured that out, and when might it be fixed? Oh, by May 20, they said.

Their incompetence would almost be comical if I didn’t use the net for business.

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