Biofuel from farmland may kill 200,000 per year in Third World

From the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Increased production of biofuels increases the price of food worldwide by diverting crops and cropland from feeding people to feeding motor vehicles. Higher food prices, in turn, condemn more people to chronic hunger and “absolute poverty” (defined as income less than $1.25 per day). But hunger and poverty are leading causes of premature death and excess disease worldwide. Therefore, higher biofuel production would increase death and disease.

Biofuel can also be made from farm crop waste, wood waste, and even animal leftovers, as well as from algae. Such methods do not raise food prices. But biofuel grown on land formerly used for food does indeed raise prices and thus will kill people.

Death and disease from poverty are a fact, whereas death and disease from global warming are hypothetical.


  1. I was in Peru last year and was astounded by how much virgin jungle is being clear cut to grow palm oil trees for biofuel. It’s really tragic.

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