Obama’s carefully scrubbed past

The president with no past: Part II

About the first thing Obama did upon becoming president was issue an executive order sealing all his previous records. Golly, now why would he do that? It’s almost like he has something to hide.

The president with no past

Obama’s parents, maternal grandparents and stepfather – like the Bush family – all had intelligence links. Obama has fabricated many details about his past to conceal this.

Who did Obama work for in Chicago?

He worked for left “gatekeeper” groups with heavy intelligence / CIA links, one of which somehow managed, accidentally no doubt, to drive a wedge between minority school boards and teacher’s unions while pretending to be progressive. (This sounds a lot like pretend antiwar groups of recent memory who somehow never managed to have meaningful street protests, strutting about all the while proclaiming how militant they are – after having carefully stage-managed everything with the authorities first. Imagine that.)