US government to write panic button for activists

The US government says it will helpfully supply apps for phones that will delete incriminating info from cell phones in case the baddies are about to confiscate it. Hmm, color me suspicious

Who are the authors? Certainly the app would need to be examined to insure it’s not phoning home to a US government site with the data before deleting it? Or that it couldn’t just delete data remotely whether the user wanted it to or not? Is this a leading edge for such an app to be install on all cell phones, for our ‘protection’, of course.

A panic button app would only by trusted if it was open source and repeatedly examined by outside, non-governmental experts. Also, there are so many models and makes of cell phones worldwide that designing such an app would probably require thousands of different versions.

Sorry, but this seems flaky and hughly suspect to me. Besides, the iPhone, and probably lots of other cell phones, already have a reset to default option.

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