Radioactive water from reactor 2 leaking into sea

Somehow Tepco just got around to discovering an 8 inch crack in a concrete pit at a Fukushima reactor 2 that is leaking radioactive water into the ocean. This came days after radiation levels in the ocean were found to be high and after Tepco initially said it was impossible for water to be leaking into the ocean.

Has there ever been a company with such clear and reckless disregard for the health of their own employees and welfare of their country? They make Massey Coal look like good citizens.

Insufficient monitoring has become a pressing safety issue at the plant. Nuclear regulators warned Tepco on Friday that every worker must wear a radiation-monitoring dosimeter to keep track of exposure.

That’s right. Weeks after the disaster happened, Tepco isn’t even taking the most basic and obvious of precautions.


  1. In every conflict that the West has entered since the first world war we have been told, “it will all be over quickly” however the shortest was probably about four years. Why should we think this one will be different. But somehow a lot of the public fall for the some glib talk about the slaughter of other human beings in other countries. You would think that we would have learnt something by now.

    • Applicable never-the-less, as we will be dealing with the “fallout” of this event for the next ten, or hundred, thousand years. We, of course, being relative. As fleas agitating the hide of a far greater organism, we won’t be around for the end game.

      There’s a reason why its called “The End Times”.

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