Anonymous posts open letter to US citizens


To effectively reform the system that has enslaved us, we must consider following the advice and example of those who have preceded us. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and JFK are good places to start. All took fierce positions against central banking, government corruption and corporate power.

The time has come for us to unite, the time has come for us to stand up and fight! You are Anonymous!

A few of their grievances and demands.

A starting point for reform could be established by citing a list of worthy objectives provided by;

Enforce RICO Laws
Break Up the Big Banks
End the Fed
Break Up the Mainstream Media / encourage citizen journalists
Shut the Revolving Door
End Closed Door Lobbying
Increase Government Transparency
End Corporate Personhood
Amend Campaign Finance

These are the important issues. It’s time to forget the inane squabbling between the two parties on what is mostly social issue. Instead, we need to focus and organize on the rampant corruption in Wall Street and D.C. Our two party system is mostly a pretense while politicians and corporatists cycle back and forth between business and government, siphoning off what they can grab in the process.

We need a change.



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