More corruption in our banana republic

NY Fed official responsible for AIG loans joins AIG as AIG pushes sweetheart repurchase to NY Fed

Here’s the kicker. He is being allowed to stay on at his job at the Fed while working as a lobbyist for AIG on matters he deals with in his job at the Fed.

This is beyond conflict of interest. That this was permitted shows how deep the corruption and rot is in Washington.


  1. Oh dear, corruption in corporate capitalism, surely not. Come on Bob, the system stinks from top to bottom, the state and corporate capitalism are one in the same thing. Let’s admit it, the system is rotten to the core and can’t be reformed into caring, compassionate, open, honest, good for all the people capitalism. Start to catalogue the fraud, corruption, wars, misery and poverty that can be traced back to capitalism and see if it is worth the trouble. As they say, “it isn’t fit for purpose”, let’s bin it, think outside the box and start again.

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