Empire State Rebellion: An idea whose time has come

This video was posted by Anonymous. They are planning something major and it’s aimed directly at Wall Street. Let’s not forget when private security / gov’t spook company HBGary recently boasted they could take down Anonymous, they ended up getting disemboweled by Anonymous instead, who broke into their supposedly secure servers and distributed their highly incriminating email everywhere.

“Mainstream media in the United States is the most efficient weapon of mass oppression. The propaganda system is so extensive. There is so much divide and conquer rhetoric.”

But what, they say, if one million people clogged downtown Manhattan around Wall Street and said we’re not leaving until the banks are broken up? Indeed.

More. AmpedStatus.org/network

PS The binary message at the end translates to “OpESRsixfourteen” which could be the launch date but that seems too obvious and also too far off, so it probably signifies something else instead.


    • It appears to have Anonymous behind it. Odd though that they are trumpeting it and announcing in advance. Maybe they’re trying to lure someone out. Bears watching, that’s for sure.

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