Will Hillary demand that Saudi Arabia allow protest too?

"Did you hear the Saudis say something?" "Nope, not a thing."

Now that Saudi Arabia has banned all protest in their country, one would assume that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton would be demanding that Saudi Arabia allow it, just like she did with Egypt and Libya, right?

Wrong. Instead, the official response from the US government has been crickets. Our commitment to democracy is acres wide and inches deep.

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  1. After killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the name of democracy, the White House has now decided that ‘stability in the region’ is by far, much more important.

    Wall Street Journal: After weeks of internal debate on how to respond to uprisings in the Arab world, the Obama administration is settling on a Middle East strategy: help keep longtime allies in power, even if that means the full democratic demands of their newly emboldened citizens might have to wait.

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