Female assassins for drug cartels

26 year old female assassin for narcos interviewed in prison (translated to English by Borderland Beat)

Men, they do it for fun, because they enjoy killing, it makes them feel like big shit. Screw that. Us women, we get into this for the money. Well at least that was the way it was for me. That we get into this for love, that’s bullshit. Like I was saying: I got into this when I was twenty years old. At first I was a “cleaner,” I mopped up vomit and blood. After I was a messenger and a gopher, and from there, I moved up to a “condor”—I hunted down the enemies. Then I was a “lynx”—I abducted and tortured people, and from there I became a sicaria [assassin]. That’s the way it went down, vato. Since then, I’ve been a killer.

Sometimes women lure men from rival cartels into sex specifically so the men can be captured, tortured, and killed. It’s almost incomprehensible there is so much torture and killing that low-level members have jobs cleaning up the mess from it.  But that’s the reality. One woman in the interview, given the choice of killing a captured woman with a 9 mm or a hammer, choose the hammer. On some mornings, dozens of decapitated, tortured bodies are found on the streets of Mexico border towns. This is a world of insane violence, brutality, and mindless vengeance, and it’s happening right across the border – fueled by our drug habit and corrupt financial institutions.

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