Where do we live? It’s complicated

Unlike on Facebook where people say “It’s complicated” about their relationship, Sue and I say it about where we live. We’ve moved four times in six years, this last time from Laguna Woods CA to Cedar City UT because there were no jobs last year for CPAs (Sue is a CPA) in southern California even during the peak of tax season. So, for a number of reasons, we moved to Cedar then two weeks later Sue got a government job in San Jose CA. It has a one year probation period and she may be traveling extensively after that (and thus could live in Cedar.) So, I’m in Cedar, she’s in San Jose, and we see each other about a week a month, often in other places. I call our current lifestyle low-rent jet-set.

Other couples certainly do this too; military, traveling sales, truckers, etc. Well, military can be gone for months and in seriously dangerous places too. So we’re hardly complaining, especially not in these hard economic times. (I have a niche database programming business and can work anywhere.)

It’s looking like there might not be a government shutdown or if there is, it will be short. If it happens, Sue comes to Cedar until it’s over, and that would be fine too. But I see the budget negotiations as a giant game of chicken where a last-minute deal will probably happen giving the two sides enough so that they can both proclaim victory.

Is where you live complicated too?


  1. If the scrotum suckers tea baggers shut down the government I will lose the part time job I recently secured that barely pays enough for the apartment I just rented and I will once again find myself in a tent. I will not be happy.

    I used to think the scrotum suckers tea baggers should be taken out behind the barn and summarily executed. Now I think they should be summarily executed wherever they stand.

    I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Now there is no doubt. Thirty-nine years ago I swore an oath to defend this land against all enemies, “foreign” and domestic.

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