Further proof, if any be needed, that investment bankers have the ethics of hyenas

Investment banker in conference with client

Investment banker loses job, becomes bank robber to support self and wife.

Key quote:

“I was just sitting in my truck looking out the window. And I’m like: ‘I need money right now. What can I do where nobody’s gonna get hurt?’ I just came to this epiphany that there’s no other way. If I wanna hold on to everything, then I’ve got to steal money.”

Cynics might opine that he was no doubt stealing money while employed because, hey, that’s what investment bankers do, isn’t it? But Mr. I Wouldn’t Know What Ethics Were If I Tripped Over Them seems to have especially devoid of any concept of honesty, even to the point of continually lying to his wife who had no clue what was happening.

Given the thuggish and amoral atmosphere of most investment banks, I’m surprised they didn’t make him a partner instead.


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