National conference for independent voters a success

Hundreds gathered in New York City last weekend for a conference sponsored by Among the topics discussed was the deliberate exclusion of independents from the political process by the Republocrats.


Despite the fact that Independents constitute the fastest growing segment of the American electorate and already outnumber both Democrats and Republicans in more than ten states, they are systematically excluded from our nation’s political process. As numerous speakers at the conference pointed out, Independent voters are disenfranchised by the closed primary system preferred by partisans in states across the country, and Independent candidates for elected office face institutional barriers erected by Democratic and Republican party lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels.

The Hankster has a round-up of links about the event.

The two major parties can not be reformed from within. They are too embedded in the system and are part of the problem and can never be the solution. The Progressive Party discovered this in the 1890’s when they thought they could work with the Democratic Party and got knifed instead. The Tea Party is learning the same now about the Republican Party. That’s why we need genuine alternatives to both parties.

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  1. Hi Bob!
    I was at the meeting on 2-12-11. I thought the program was informative, but light. Here is how I think Independents can change US politics:
    Independent Voters Are On the Move. Two-Party System BEWARE – Tunisia and Egypt Can Happen Here!
    William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.

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