Is Obama using high speed rail funding as bargaining chip for budget?

Two facts. The Republicans want spending cuts. The White House just announced they wiill seek $53 billion for high speed rail funding.

So, they have a big, highly visible fight about it. Let’s say HSR funding gets cut to $10 billion. Republicans declare victory. Yet the money was never allocated so it’s not really a spending cut.

This proposed funding may be much more a diversionary ploy for gaming the opening rounds of budget negotiations than it is about HSR.

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  1. Good point. I’m sure Obama knew he wouldn’t get that $53 Billion, but he did know he could whittle it down to a compromise. Hopefully it’ll be a little more than half that when it’s all said and done. Because of that $53 billion, $26 billion was for “higher speed rail”, improving Amtrak’s current speeds system wide. I believe this means he wants that part cut (because the Republicans despise that money pit) and leave the rest of the money to build ACTUAL high speed systems, like SEHSR, Florida (all but over), and California (on the fast track).

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