1. Sounds to me like she was more interested in making sure these girls got checked out and treated for diseases, vs having and spreading the diseases they have. Realistically, what should she have said or done? Told them to get out? How would that help the girls in question?

    And who’s to say, after the girls came in, they wouldn’t have pressed them to inform, giving them a safe place to come out and get help? Telling a pimp to bring in his girls for treatment could be a way to just get the girls out from under his control. Giving them a place to come out of that, or at least a contact for a place to go to get out of that lifestyle.

    I love the “holier than thou” folks who go after this. This isn’t as black and white as loan profiteering. You’re talking about people’s lives in the balance here. Playing a grey card to get access to victims and give them a means to escape is legit in my book. I note that at no point was a young child actually brought in. Had that happened, I’m willing to be things would have played out very differently than how it was talked about.

    Were I in her shoes, I may have done things a little differently. But I would have still encouraged him to bring the girls in, and given assurances on their safety and anonymity too. Then when they appeared, I’d make sure that the “more anal” nurse got to see them, and was in on it, both to report it and to offer ways out. Sounds like the perfect “good cop/bad cop” routine to me.

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