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EDF’s solar ‘time bomb’ ticking in France. Generous subsidies to install solar in France led to farmers building barns just to install solar panels. But an expected tax didn’t make up the difference for the high rates the power company must pay. And that’s a big problem now.

Greek bondholders unlikely to get repaid in full, says the vampire squid, who of course was an adviser to Greece and helped them get into their current mess.

US banks sue Italian towns in Britain over interest rate swaps. The towns say the swaps were fraudulent and are defaulting. The banks are suing in the UK because they fear the worst and think they can get a better hearing there. But do the Italian towns have to pay any attention to what a Brit judge says?

Insider trading defendants avoid prison nearly half of New York cases. This is mainly because they cooperate with prosecutors, who use them to work their way up the food chain of fraud and corruption

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