Conservatives beginning to oppose Afghanistan war

The Afghanistan Study Group, a bipartisan group of public policy analysts recently conducted a survey which found that self-identified conservative and Tea Party voters are very concerned about the costs of continued nation-building in Afghanistan. The survey found that 71% of conservative voters are concerned about the price tag of continued war in Afghanistan and worried that the cost will make it more difficult to reduce the deficit this year and balance the Federal budget by the end of this decade. More interestingly, two thirds of respondents said that either Washington should reduce troop levels in Afghanistan or withdraw from the region altogether “as soon as possible,” with 39% calling for troop reductions and 27% favoring a full withdrawal. Only 24% of self-identified conservatives supported maintaining present troop levels.

While conservatives may be opposing the war for economic rather than anti-war, anti-imperialist reasons, any new opposition to the war should be welcome by the left.

Conservatives are quite correct in saying this is Obama’s war now too.


  1. Let’s take advantage of this while Obama’s still in office…I’ve got a feeling that if a Republican got into the White House a lot of this opposition would fade a way, just like the left’s antiwar movement faded away with Obama.

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