1. No, the sky hasn’t moved. The Planet, as is its wont, has moved.

    And 2012 will be just like 2000 – nothing. Well, except for the part about the Y2K nuts not getting their fingers quite wrapped around it… the appointment against both the electoral and popular vote by a ideologically stacked activist court of an AWOL village idiot from Texas to the presidency effectively marked the end of “America”. We’ll have to wait and see…

  2. I knew it!!!
    My whole life I’ve been wondering aimlessly throughout the globe searching for my purpose in life only to wind up with this constant unsteady feeling, as if I had been wearing someone else’s name-tag since birth. I always that it was because I was adopted, but to my great amazement, turns out… I WAS!(wearing the wrong name-tag) I’m an “Ophiuchus”> handler of serpents! …and to think I’ve been running around on 4 legs like a pony holding a silly bow-n-arrow all these years, what a relief!

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