Commercial satellite for the world’s poor

Communications satellite is bidding on a commercial satellite that it wants to use to beam cheap bandwidth to the poor and disenfranchised of the planet.

Their founder says

Ahumanright is charged with promoting Internet access as a human right. The organization also promotes endeavors that can ensure everyone has a chance to get online. We try to do this in three different ways: Connect with businesses and governments and discuss the creation of a “free” segment to their networks; envisioning our own free network with our friends at NASA; buy[ing] and re-purpose underutilized infrastructure.

A visionary idea which if they can pull it off, would benefit many millions of people indeed. Let’s hope it happens. Their website echoes what DJ, who posts here says, if you read blogs on a laptop using wireless, you are in a tiny minority and are part of the planetary elite. We will all benefit if people everywhere could be on the Net too.

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