Drop that Starbucks cup and reach for the sky

Thermoses, coffee cups added to list of possible terrorist weapons

In their relentless drive to react to yesterday’s threat (or invent Hideous New Perils), The Ministry of Silly Walks AKA TSA has now gotten even sillier.

Contrast this with Israel, where they don’t use scanners and where the highly-trained gate staff hardly ever searches anyone. That’s because they screen in advance and watch passengers for suspicious signs. It’s called being pro-active and intelligent, something TSA apparently knows little about.

Our security charade continues. Feel safer?

I shudder to think of TSA’s reaction should someone succeed in carrying explosives onto a plane hidden in a bodily orifice…


  1. Hey, I’ve never heard of your blog before today and it occurred to me will you be changing the name of your blog in one week when your creation has outgrown its name? Of course you can keep the name, thus literally dating your name for posterity.

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