Independent Voting

Independent Voting is mobilizing against the barriers that block independents from having real representation, such as closed primaries and partisan control of districting.

Why do independent voters need a voice?

Although the U.S. Constitution makes no mention of political parties – and although George Washington warned us to beware of them in his Farewell Address to the nation – the major parties conflate their own institutional priorities and interests with those of our government. They operate a virtually closed system in which they make all the rules; independents have no representation on any of the bodies that regulate elections, from the Federal Elections Commission to state and local boards of elections. The rules are largely designed to keep out competition and to sustain the power of the parties themselves. Without traditional partisan allegiances and with a recognition that nonpartisan politics produces the best public policy, independents are singularly positioned to drive meaningful reform of the electoral process.

Our political system is broken and compromised. Independent Voting wants to change that. They have organizers nationwide and will have a conference in NYC early next year.