EPA wants 15% ethanol gas even though harmful to engines

The EPA has now proposed that all gas contain 15%. They want the subsidies for ethanol to be expanded. Along the way they are going to shorten the life of all the engines we use. Progress? Stupidity??

When ethanol content gets about 10% it apparently can damage engines. Car and engine makers are challenging the proposal saying “E-15 has been shown to adversely affect engines.”

However, agribusiness profits mightily from ethanol, doesn’t it?


  1. What’s not to like… Huge agro farmers get millions, car companies get more purchases as cars break sooner. Who gets hurt? Oh, wait, the little people? Bah, they won’t even notice. Just tell them E15 is greener, and make it cheaper through subsidies and it will all blow over.

  2. Ethanol – it’s why your car runs like shit, water draining out of the tailpipe, chokes out at the stoplight, gets three to five miles per gallon LESS than what you should while pumping nearly twice the carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, and the town smells like a diaper – it’s big multi-national corn-growers bribing congress and never pay a dime in taxes suckling at the government teat, and the gas companies running up their profits by what amounts to watering down the gasoline.

    Suckling at the government teat…

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