Joe Biden is a pompous ass

VP Biden says Assange is a “high tech terrorist.”

Really? Terrorism is generally understood to include the deliberate targeting of civilians and noncombatants for death or injury. Thus, Assange is not even remotely a terrorist by any definition and Biden should be ashamed of himself, if he’s capable of it, which is doubtful.

Plus, only an out-of-touch dinosaur like Biden would say sharing information on the Net is “high tech.” I mean, it’s only been going on for 20+ years now. Perhaps someone should give Biden a guided tour of that Intertubes thingee so he could understand how it actually works.


  1. It really was a spectacularly ignorant comment to make. Is the Vice President trying to compete with Sarah Palin to see who can be the biggest idiot?

  2. I’m tellin’ ‘ya, man, it’s a psyop. Why else would Assange provide private information on corrupt corporate governments who operate in the shadows and then lie to those who elect them for free… and is labeled a villain, while Mark Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money, and he’s man of the year?

  3. Obama voted for the reauthorization of the Patriot Act in 2006 so this behavior by Biden should not suprise people.

    The people have gotten what they’ve voted for.

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