BBC blames the victim for police violence

BBC interviewer Ben Brown begins: These pictures *appear* to show Jody McIntyre … being dragged out of his wheelchair and dragged across the pavement. (Appear?)

Here’s the video that clearly shows Jody McIntrye being dragged out of his wheelchair by police, and for no apparent reason.

6:40 is the best:

Brown: Did you shout anything provocative or throw anything that would have induced the police to do that to you?

McIntyre: Do you really think a person with cerebral palsy, in a wheelchair, can pose a threat to a police officer who is armed with weapons?

Brown: But you do say that you’re a revolutionary.

McIntyre: That’s a word, that’s not a physical action that I’ve taken against a police office, that you’re quoting from a website. But I’m asking you, do you think I could have, in any way, posed a physical threat, from the seat of my wheelchair, to an army of police officers armed with weapons? This whole line of argument is absolutely ludicrous. Because you’re blaming the victims of violence for that violence. …

Well, every good revolution begins with a police riot on a bloody ***day.

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