Wikileaks has a Doomsday option

Wikileaks tweeted on Nov. 25 that an encrypted version of all the cables was available for download from The Pirate Bay.

In the event of Wikileaks’ founder’s [Julian Assange] death (or some other unspecified reason), the secret key would be released — exposing the documents to all who have downloaded and obtained the key.

That file is probably been downloaded thousands of times by now. This explains why Assange can say he has damning files from a U.S. bank and why Wikileaks is just releasing a few cables a day. It could also explain why Interpol may be nervous about arresting him.

Via Crooks and Liars


  1. The best part: The encryption key needed to unlock the files is only a few K. Small enough to transmit even via the most limited of data links. When the file first went live, I knew the game he was up to, and quietly though to myself “he gets it”. And when the media was showing confusion on why he would put a huge encrypted file out, and why it was being shared in P2P networks like wild fire when nobody could even read it, I realized they didn’t get it.

    This is how you make things work. There are literally tens of thousands of copies of this file, spread across every country. To unlock it, one needs only the software (which is opensource), and the key. If they release that key, there will be tens of thousands of copies of all of the data. And the ones that have it are the ones that understood this, saw this path, agreed with it, and download the file to use it if need be. Technically elite followers, each with their own voice and a shared goal.

    If something happens, and that key is released… lets just say this will be the biggest fan ever, with a sewage processing plant hooked right up to it. 🙂

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