Assange: “Geopolitics will be separated into pre and post Cablegate”

Assange interview in El Pais

Q. I read you are taking steps to protect yourselves (you and other people from Wikileaks) after receiving many death threats. Where are those death threats coming from?

A. We have hundreds of specific death threats from US military militants. That is not unusual, and we have become practiced from past experiences at ignoring such threats from Islamic extremists, African kleptocrats and so on. Recently the situation has changed with these threats now extending out our lawyers and my children. However it is the specific calls from the elites of US society for our assassination, kidnapping and execution that is more concerning. These range from a US senate bill by John Ensign which seeks to declare us a “transnational threat” to assassination calls from former Bush speech writers such as Marc Thessian in The Washington Post and Bill o’reilly of Fox news.

Q. How many people help you deal with the DDOS attacks?

A. We have dozens helping and setting up mirror sites but it takes a lot of time for us to manage the process. We are automating that process and will soon have hundreds. If there is a battle between the US military and the preservation of History, we have insured, History will win.

Q. What will be the consequences of this megaleak?

A. It is too early to say yet. The ripples are just starting to flow throughout the world. But I believe geopolitics will be separated into pre and post cablegate phases.

List of people criminalizing Assange or calling for his death (from the article).

People criminalizing Assange / calling for his death

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