Moral rot of America

There’s a monster on the loose / He’s got our heads into a noose / And he just sits there watching

Read the following two excerpts. The first deals with the moral rot at all levels in America today, the second with how Americans no longer trust their leaders and financial elites. I came of age in the 60’s. It was a turbulent, sometimes violent, sometimes exhilarating time. But there was optimism then, lots of it. There’s not much of that going around now, is there? The anger in the country is palpable now, and rising. Something is going to break loose. That also means opportunity, but only if we’re ready. Which is why I don’t get those who wait for the Democratic Party to do the right thing. I’m told some Tea Party members feel the same about the Republican Party. The two parties don’t get it. They don’t see what’s coming. I watched (and was part of ) the rising tide of protest in the 60’s. Most people never saw it coming. And then it took center stage. I have that same feeling now. Something is building up.

The Burning Platform

The moral rot at the center of American life results from a normalization of pathologies–sociopathic and psychopathic states and behaviors are now “normal” or incentivized. Moral behavior is institutionally punished.

What is so striking about present-day America is the way in which the narcissistic, no-moral-compass social pathologies of entitlement, denial and fabrication of “truth”/reality has been “normalized” (accepted as normal behavior and thinking) in all social classes.

Liberals excuse and ignore welfare fraud while conservatives do the same with corporate welfare – and then they attack each other. This makes that watching monster happy.

Tweaking policies and gaming the gaming will not “cure” what ails America. Moral will “must be cultivated and it demands truthfulness and willingness to sacrifice for its actualization.” Until we are prepared to make those sacrifices, then the rot will only deepen.

No wait, it’s the other side’s fault. All their fault. Totally.

The loss of trust and the great unraveling to come

The political class and Standard-Issue Punditry (SIP) don’t “get it”: Americans have completely lost faith in their Financial Elites and government, for abundantly obvious reasons.

Anyone who believes the foreclosure crisis can be contained is deluded, because the real issue in play is the citizens’ trust in their government’s ability to govern the nation’s Financial Elites according to the rule of law. Clearly, our government has failed its citizens–utterly, completely, totally, at every level of governance (Federal, State, local) and at every level of oversight and regulation.

The bitter truth is that the nation’s Financial Power Elites are not constrained by rule of law, and as a result of this revelation Americans’ trust in their government and political class has been shattered.

The Great Unraveling has just begun, and there is much more to come.

Still think waiting for the Democrats to do the right thing is a viable strategy?

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