Jesse Ventura says it’s time to abolish parties

Former 3rd party Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura claims that political parties, including third parties, should be abolished in order to root out corruption in a broken system.

In a recent ABC Good Morning America interview, Ventura, who some claim may launch an Independent bid for President in 2012, cited historical support from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, who explicitly warned against the potentially deleterious consequences of party politics long ago. Instead, Ventura advocates removing party labels from ballots and demoting the parties themselves to PACs. He argues that Americans would then have to vote for an individual as opposed to mindlessly voting the party line.

Works for me. To that I would add, we need public financing of campaigns and short campaign seasons. Our political and electoral system is obviously compromised. A democracy can’t function properly with a mangled election system like ours. We need to change it now.