We are banksters, we don’t follow no stinking laws

We now have confirmed instances, including 911 calls, of banks hiring people to break into homes where the foreclosure has not yet taken place, and in some instances, they’re breaking into the wrong house. That’s illegal – until the bank has a court order giving them possession, they don’t have possession and they have no right to be there.

How bad is it getting? This bad.

JP Morgan ‘thug’ breaks into home not in foreclosure

A JPMorganChase representative told the news crew that the company had made a “mistake” in attempting to change the locks, and that the company has no right to change the locks on a home that hasn’t been foreclosed and which is occupied.

As some blogs were quick to point out, the bank agent’s move may have broken Florida law.

May the thugs JPMorgan hired as well as JPMorgan itself get indicted on criminal charges.

Really folks, it’s getting so hard to tell the difference between organized crime and bankers now.


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