Adsense needs a Stop Carpet Bombing Me option

First it was the omnipresent Brown Bailout ads, then Groupon began deluging websites with ads. their No, I don’t think people will click on an ad if Adsense allows the same ads to run over and over again on a website.

When viewing individual posts here, sometimes Brown Bailout or Groupon ads appeared in both in the post itself and in the side bar. This is ridiculous.

However, there is a solution. Put the url of the ad site into the Adsense competitive ad filter. However Adsense needs to manage this better. Endless repetitions of the same ads lowers Google’s income too as well as for websites running the ads.


  1. Not only that but their filter seems to be clueless regarding politics. When I am on your site, or Daily Kos – I get ads asking me to donate to Sharon Angle and Joe Miller and to fire Harry Reid or write nasty notes to President Obama about unions. Like a reader of a progressive/left/etc (pick your adjective) would do any of that.

    What is strange is that I keep hearing about the Brown Bailout ads but have not seen one yet. Knock on wood.

    • The only way they could filter political ads is by classifying them then giving advertisers the ability to block (or boost) a given classification.

      Maybe some leftie sites hope users will click on the ads to cost the right wing advertiser money. 🙂 I don’t do that and instead put them in the competitive ad filter which blocks them from appearing

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